Handyman Services

We provide a wide range of handyman services that you can see below. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, go ahead and submit an Estimate Request – odds are we can help you!

drywall repair with putty

Drywall Repair

Want to get new drywall put in for your property and want to go with the best Sacramento Drywall contractor in town? Call today!



Plumbing requires attention to detail and the knowledge to do a good job. To receive world-class results and feel secure about the team coming in for your needs, it’s time to look at the best plumbing company in Sacramento

trim carpentry baseboard installation


If you are searching for the best carpentry services in Sacramento, you have come to the right place.

Electrical Services Electrician


Searching for the best Sacramento electrical services contractor for your needs? It is time to select a robust, world-class service that knows what to do. 



Installing any flooring, luxurious or otherwise, is a matter that requires the consideration of the cost of flooring services which includes the function as well as the maintenance services of the flooring. Our team provides the best advice and installation for all your flooring needs.

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Mold Remediation

When you want to get rid of mold as it happens in your home, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind. Mold is a nasty issue that can truly ruin your property and put your health at risk. We can help!

Looking For The Best Local Handyman In Sacramento? Well, Look No Further!


Are there projects around the house that you need to complete, but just don’t have the time? This happens to most of us. Knowing you need to clean the gutters or paint the interior of your home can be stressful, especially if you work all week and then have to spend your weekend working on the house. If you live in Sacramento, you are in luck! The Sacramento Handyman will complete all of your household projects and allow you to enjoy your weekend. We recognize that your home is your castle and will help you keep it looking good.

Owning a home is a great experience, but it can also be a lot of work. As your home gets older, the routine maintenance issues continue to grow. Older homes naturally begin to deteriorate and will begin needing updates and repairs. Keeping your home in good condition takes time and money. Deciding which project to tackle can even be hard and if you’re short on time, the entire process can be frustrating.

Need Home Service Repairs? We Can Help!

This is why it’s good to hire a reliable handyman services contractor. Life can get busy and there may be little time for home projects. No one wants to paint or clean up at the end of a workday and the weekends should be for relaxing. A leaky pipe or a stuck window can take over a day. A reliable handyman will assist with home maintenance or repair projects and can even do remodeling.

Keeping your home in good repair will save you money down the road. It takes time, the right equipment and certain skills to properly repair a roof or clean the gutters. Sacramento Handyman can tackle any project. We specialize in home maintenance and will do what it takes to keep your home looking great.

If you’ve been in your home for a while, it is possible that both you and your home are getting older. It can be difficult to perform the routine maintenance and repairs that are necessary as home ages. Calling a handyman you can trust is a good feeling. We can do everything from basic repairs to complete remodels.

No Handyman Job Too Small, or Too Large.

If you are considering selling your home, a good handyman can help ensure your home look as good as possible. Potential buyers will often make a decision about going inside a home the moment they pull up to the curb. The right handyman can spruce up your home’s exterior and clean up your yard to boost the curb appeal of your home. We can also paint the interior and make any repairs to help your home looks its best.

Hiring a good handyman will also save you money. We will make the small repairs before they turn into bigger, more expensive repairs. We are bonded and licensed and guarantee our work.

With today’s busy schedules, it can be almost impossible to keep up with routine maintenance on your home. If you find yourself with more projects than you have time or patience, call the Rehab Properties.

Services we provide:

  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Drywall
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Mold